Limited edition USB drive
Yaxu presents his first EP "Peak Cut", as the second release of the Computer Club label. Yaxu is the solo project of Alex McLean, algorave pioneer and one third of the seminal live coding band Slub, who have had people dancing to their algorithms since 2001. Peak Cut comes on a limited edition (100 copies) USB credit card containing the six track EP, bonus video and custom operating system, along with an exclusive library of over 100 algorithmic Tidal patterns to explore, adapt and remix.

Peak Cut is abstract and challenging, with beats and melodies spliced into chaotic reworking of techno. However, detail and precision rewards closer listening, following the South Yorkshire tradition of pushing electronic music into alien territory, which somehow makes sense on (open-minded) dance floors. All the music is created with code, using a pattern-based approach to generative music, developed by Alex over 15 years and now turned over to you, in the form of Tidal software.

he USB card works as a memory stick, for accessing the audio and bonus material. The USB card is also bootable, into a Computer Club themed Linux operating system with Tidal ready installed. Tidal is a text-based mini-language accessible to non-programmers; documentation for how to get started is included, along with an exclusive library of algorithmic Tidal patterns to explore, including all the code for the EP tracks.

The operating system is Linux Mint, using the Computer Club theme. Tidal can be started from a shortcut on the desktop, with links to code examples and tutorials from Alex and the rest of the Tidal community.

Watch a live demonstration of TIDAL running on the Computer Club OS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM3OF4aE-Mg

Pre order here: https://computerclub.bandcamp.com/album/peak-cut

Don't forgot the next Computer Club is an Algorave with Yaxu and special guests on Friday 20th March.

Buy tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/computer-club-algorave-tickets-15515030875

Neustra Music's latest release sees Trixx serve up three slices of devilish tech-house in the shape of his 'Nighthunt' EP.

With its robust kick and bluster of percussion, 'Bloom' steadily divulges the galvanic groove lurking within. The juddering bass line mingles with the graceful synth stabs, as the track assuredly ties everything together in a manner that guarantees dancefloor satisfaction.

A bubbling bass line and tight percussive beat launch you into 'Nighthunt', a track laced with tension. Ghostly vocal snippets drift over a pummelling kick and a faltering synth line, as the track contorts itself into a defiant tech-house monster.

A swirl of gleeful synth crash against a pounding kick in 'Tube'. A taught, percussive beat soars over a bass line buzzing with vim and vigour, the track treading the fine line between dream and nightmare, like an exuberant malcontent. 

/// Review ///
Scientific Funk's 'South Coast' EP, out now on Cubism, has been shown a lot of love on The Underground.
"Sub-aquatic gurgles of analogue burst over the track whilst a raw, cosmic synth sound fluctuates over it, enveloping it in a devilishly nocturnal atmosphere that will feel right at home in the early hours it so clearly belongs to."




Rumjig are a friendly, funky and fearless band who aim to combat bitterness, boredom and blues through their music and lyrics, a feat they have undoubtedly attained with their debut release on Itchy Pig Records, the ‘Ego Bow Down’ EP.
With a gentle start, the original lures you in with some gorgeous guitars and beautiful bass. The sensational vocals are a genuine delight, caressing the music they glide over. The pace is picked up in the middle, allowing the superb drums to ravish the track alongside some magnificent horn work, before settling back down to close things out in exquisite style. Wonderful!
William Breakspear crafts the song into a rampaging marvel, as he allows the vocal to be plunged alongside a torrent of bass-fuelled energy and horn soaked charm in a manner that will leave the dance floor bristling with joy.
Having deepened the sound of the vocal, Cajita delivers a remix that sees his synth work add an extra element of zest to the track. Imbuing the original with a sense of electronic wonderment, he draws the energy out of it to create a groove that is hard to resist.
Reality Goggles turns in something completely different with his remix. He uses stark samples of the vocal to conjure up an eerily beautiful melody at the start, before his sparse use of horns and drums layer on the cinematic feel.




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Jon Kennedy's in the middle of a tour of Greece. Check the dates here...


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Our very own Arshaw and Scientific Funk let us know what their favourite tracks from last year were over on ibiza-voice.com.

Leftback Records latest release, featuring tracks from OCHMatt Star,Kashawar and Michael McLardy & Dudley Strangeways, is now available to pre-order.

"Yes, you could say mainstream appropriation is generally a sign of “failure” in that it indicates a loss of specificity and context. That loss of specificity and context is usually deliberate, in order to broaden an audience – usually with the goal of selling shit."

Part three of Benny Maths' interview for Mind Grub Audio with Terre Thaemlitz, aka DJ Sprinkles, is now up. In it she talks about how social media results in social alienation, queerness and how it relates to acts of deviance and the unsanctioned, his latest project with Takashi Ujita and more.

The Fire Beneath The Sea are a rambunctious concoction of MCs, singers and musicians who display a penchant for wit, skills and good times, defying genre boundaries, as they mix up an intoxicating brew of musicality and deliver...


It's not till August next year, but Cowbell Radio's all-dayer, with ALFOS (@Andrew Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston), Man PowerEskimo TwinsMorgan HammerRob Mello & more to be announced, looks absolutely amazing.